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Watch FREE online Math videos, documentaries, lessons, lectures, and movies that are educational and related to mathematics: Mathematics is philosophy and logic for quantities, operations on quantities, and geometry. Mathematics is a philosophy constrained to universal consistency. In fact, Mathematics is the only philosophy, or science, if you permit, that is constrained to universal consistency. This is not necessarily true of any science. Nature always reveals herself how she is, and not how we would want her to be, leaving open possibilities of contradiction within our limits of understanding. For example, it may turn out that the laws of nature are entirely self consistent. However going in, there is no way to know and in fact no reason to impose any such conditions a priori (before the fact) upon her. But the rules of math are always consistent by design. When people say, "math and science," the math always comes first. Math is the language of science and reason. We hope to promote math, science, personal academic hobbies, critical thinking and student driven learning. Particular subjects here may include algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, differential equations, statistics, probability, higher dimensions, abstract algebra, linear algebra, vector analysis, complex analysis, topology and more. All available right now 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Final Frontiers of Science
Distinctive Voices: Science comedian Brian Malow
Science standup comedy,
A must watch, ~MW
You have to see this!
Science comedian Brian Malow
Dangerous Knowledge
Highly recommended to anyone interested in ideas and thinking outside the box
Caution, ideas are dangerous!
A bust of mathematician Ludwig Boltzmann & reference to mathematician Kurt Godel's intellectual struggle.
M. C. Escher
A documentary on this mathematician famous for encoding mathematical concepts and symmetry into his art. A visually stunning spectacle to behold!
M.C.Escher art, Drawing Hands, and Encounter
M.C.Escher's Drawing Hands, and the Encounter
Archimedes' Infinite Secrets
"The Method," outlining his integral calculus,
2000 years before Newton & Leibniz.

Archimedes: "Give me a place to stand,
and I will move the Earth!"
Slices of Pie,
	  ~(287-212) BC
Slices of Pie
Hunting Hidden Dimensions
of Fractal Geometry

Picture of Benoit Mandelbrot of Yale University
High Anxieties -
Mathematics of Chaos

Picture of James Lovelock
Infinity and Beyond
Infinity and Beyond
Music of The Prime Numbers
Professor Marcus du-Sautoy
The Atoms of Arithmetic
Primes and Twin Primes:
An Awesome Journey

search for proof of an infinite number of primes and twin primes
Twin Prime Conjecture
What is Calculus?
(a brief lecture moment)
Picture summarizing the difference between algebra and calculus
Mathematics Gives You Wings
Professor Margot Gerritsen's Passion for
computational applications of mathematics,
at Stanford University.
Professor Margot Gerritsen
Breaking The Code
     A biography of English mathematician, logician and genius unparalleled, Alan Turing, who was one of the inventors of the electro-mechanical computer and one of the key figures in breaking the Enigma code, used by Germans to send secret communications in World War II. Turing was gay in Britain when it was both illegal and dangerous,
making him a security risk.
Key characters of the film, portraying Alan Turing and Joan Clarke
History of Mathematics
by Professor N. J. Wildberger
25 university video lectures,
over 19 hours
Pythagoras & Calculus
History of Mathematics
In Brief...7 minutes
How did math begin, developing a number system
The very quick version
How did math begin, & developing a number system
Archimedes' Infinite Secrets
"The Method," outlining his integral calculus,
2000 years before Newton & Leibniz.

Archimedes: "Give me a place to stand,
and I will move the Earth!"
Slices of Pie,
	  ~(287-212) BC
Slices of Pie
an audio book documentary

Note: written before discovery of Archimedes integral calculus.
Birth of Calculus
limits, differential & integral calculus
Greek Mathematics
"The Elements", by Euclid
The 13 books of Euclid′s Elements
Father Marin Mersenne
The Birth of Modern Geometry
famous drawing
Fermat′s Last Theorem
A proof found
Mathematician Sir Andrew Wiles teaching