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This is good advice for math students,
especially for students or anyone serious about actually studying.

Be as smart as you can be and never stop learning!

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Why Math?


Knowledge is power. Would you like some?

For those well versed in the language and beauty of math, there is literally an ocean of knowledge at one’s finger tips, just waiting to be scooped up. Learning math, the language of science is half the battle of learning anything, and everything. Math is half of all the language of science, maybe more. Math is ultimately the study of applied logic. Math makes sense of the world.
Make sense of your world.
Study Math!


when studying math you may experience a sensation in you head that makes you feel like going to sleep, a fog, an inability to focus one’s eyes. If you can work enough problems, pushing that sleepy fog to the limit, where you could actually fall asleep if you lay your head down. That’s a good thing. And you should just lay down for a nap. If you can’t quite fall asleep, you haven’t done enough math yet. Get up and continue. But when you can get to that sleepy fog limit, and you take a nap for 2 hours, this will actually cause your brain to grow. It’s interesting to note that the human body releases about 90% of all the growth hormone released each day, during the first 90 minutes of sleep. The faster, and the more often, you can work enough math problems to the sleepy fog limit, sleep for 2 hours, and then continue, the more your brain will grow, adapt, becoming faster and more powerful than ever before. This really works. ~MW