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This is good advice about why study math,
especially for students or anyone serious about actually studying.

Be as smart as you can be and never stop learning!

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Why Math?


Why study math? Why is Math so important?

Have you ever wanted to be smarter than everyone else? Studying math doesn’t only teach you about math, it informs you about much of the rest of the world around you. Studying math will actually cause your brain to grow and adapt in ways that are difficult to understand, because you haven’t learned enough math yet, just to understand. There are things the math illiterate people can not understand or even perceive as knowable, for which the math literate people do understand and can recognize information that is within the realm of knowable. There are so many practical applications of advanced math in combinatorics, multivariate statistical analysis, probability, game theory, differential equations, and more than I can fit on this page. I encourage anyone seeking to enhance intelligence and critical thinking skills to start by studying math.

No one finds himself or herself, lying on their death bed, wishing they had spent more time playing video games. They all wish they had spent more time doing something real, in the real world, working on real problems rather than working on imaginary problems. Whether that’s learning more, sharing more, or teaching more. One way or another it’s always about wishing they were able to do more before the end, and most of the time long after it’s way too late, long after they are no longer able to, suffering terrible haunting regrets. Most video games amount to mere memories of things you didn’t really do. In the end, no one wishes for more of that.

Ten years spent playing a video game is all wasted time if it accomplishes nothing in the real world. After all that time is burnt, one finds him or herself just as stupid, and just as dependent on others, just as unable to liveout their true dreams in real life as when he or she started. And then with even less time left, older and slower, as with most video games, as mindless and endless as the weapons of mass distraction of 24 hour entertainment, the opportunity cost is huge, and often easily recognize those haunting regrets on an astronomical in scale. Live more, by learning more. The more you learn, the greater your options for living, sharing and giving.

Math is also the only subject where everything you need to know is in the book. That’s not true of any other subject. Math is also a subject that builds from one textbook to the next, on all the material that came before. Math can be studied all by one’s self, no classroom needed, no direct teacher needed. After basic math in elementary and junior high school, math, virtually entirely, can be learned by student driven learning, a book, paper, pen (don’t waste time with pencils), and a calculator. That’s all you need. Then you steadily work through a book, cover to cover. Math is a hobby that actually pays off, making you smarter, and empowers you to do other things, like study physics, chemistry, economics, engineering and much much more. The only thing you can truly call your own, is his or her mind. Grow it, cultivate it, green style. Yoh! Don’t submit to limits on your mind which are set by others. Go beyond their limits. Math can allow you to see and recognize knowledge for which all the others are blind.
Let math open your eyes.