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Algebra Video Lecture Collections
& Worked Tutorial Examples:

What follows in this list are organized lecture & tutorial collections covering algebra courses from pre algebra up through algebra 3 (see also Pre Calculus). Algebra video sets are presented by various professors from various schools and major universities. These lecture sets collectively cover largely the same material, reorganized slightly perhaps, but most importantly presented by different professors, each with his or her own style and wits. These algebra help tutorial sets are organized to follow the same math sequence, math majors have either completed, or are expected to completed ideally before the end of their first year.

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Video Collections
# of Videos

Pre Algebra,
& Basic Math Review

39 Video Lectures & Tutorials
5 hours of worked example problems, from pre algebra

Algebra 1,
Elementary Algebra,
Introductory Algebra,
Junior High School Algebra

243 Video Lectures & Tutorials
243 worked example problems,
from algebra 1

Algebra 2,
Intermediate Algebra,
High School Algebra

275 Video Lectures & Tutorials Textbook by Allen Angel & Dennis Runde, 275 worked example algebra problems
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