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Geometry Tutorials:
Aximatic Geometry and Analytic Geometry

The following lectures and worked example problems on Geometry will span everything from high school geometry to 1st year university level geometry, as introductory level geometry.

Note: Other advanced geometry lecture sets will be placed in intermediate level math courses (2nd - 4th year classes with various pre-requisites) and math electives.

What follows in this list are organized tutorial & lecture sets covering introductory geometry presented by various professors from various universities and schools, each with his or her own style and wits. There may be some variation in content from one lecture set to another, depending on the video authors. In contrast to video lecture sets in Algebra 1, Algebra 1+2, and Algebra 2, it would be far more worth it to watch all video sets in this subject to maximize coverage of the subject and Trigonometry. In later subjects, the content will be far better organized, much like in the Algebra 1 & Algebra 2 video lecture sets. This is part of the same math sequence, math majors are expected to have taken before, or to have completed by the end of their first year ideally.

~ MW

# of Videos

The Introduction Course


86 lectures, 31 hours long,
appx 300 worked examples, by Mr. Tarrou, he's high energy, loves his work, and I'm a big fan.


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