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The Common Language of Science,
Albert Einstein's Essay

This audio recording was made in the fall of 1941 of Albert Einstein reading his full essay in English directed to the British Association for the Advancement of Science. Einstein notes a shared language implies a shared mentality. He talks about the bewildering chaos of perceptions, and the common struggle to learn to grasp general truths from particular observations. Highly relevant to the war of mass distraction and nazism.

Einstein also said, "Perfection of means and confusion of goals seem... characterize our age." This too parallels the ongoing consolidation of absolute power over the people, in technological surveillance, propaganda, and manufacturing apparent reality. He went on, "If we desire sincerely and passionately for the safety, the welfare, and the free development of the talents of all men, we shall not be in want of the means to approach such a state." He recognized that absolute power corrupts absolutely and that saftey does not depend on absolute power or absolute survelliance (a tool enabling absolute power), but rather on the ongoing effort to serve one another's interests.

This speech provokes a great deal of thought.

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