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A first course in Geometry

Introduction to Euclidean Geometry,
for High School, College & University

Introduction and Table of Contents

This video series is entitled, "A first course in Geometry," which provides introduction to Euclidean Geometry, for High School, College & University. The series presents 86 individual lectures and span the subject of Geometry. These videos have a total playtime duration of 1 dys 06 hrs 40 min 53 sec.

This lecture series on Geometry, by high school Math teacher Mr. Tarrou, is presented in 86 lessons, each ranging from 4 min to 29 min in length. This series does an excellent job at reviewing material for high school geometry and introductory geometry at the university level. Highly recommended for anyone studying or reviewing geometry. I found this series actually answered a lot of my own questions on geometry. He covers the material quickly and thoroughly, so there's not much time to get bored. I highly recommend watching it all. ~MW, "Big fan."

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Geometry: A first course in Geometry

LLecture titles for A first course in GeometryTimeNote
1Points Lines & Planes28:15
2More Postulates & Theorems Points, Lines, & Planes24:44
3Segment, Ray, Distance on a Number Line27:20
4Introduction to Angles32:30
5Special Angle Pairs24:43
6Basic Constructions Segment & Angle11:15
7Angle and Segment Bisector Constructions10:26
8Distance Formula & Pythagorean Theorem22:52
9Midpoint Formula21:24
10Perimeter of a Plane Region32:37
11Area of a Plane Region24:46
12Deductive Reasoning If Then Statements18:27
13Intro to 2 Column Geometry Proofs27:51
14Congruent Angles21:07
15Lines Parallel Skew, Angles formed by a Transversal18:36
16Parallel Lines & Transversal Angles23:02
17Proving Lines Parallel21:34
18Parallel & Perpendicular Line Proofs14:24
19Angles of Triangles and Parallel Lines27:43
20Graphing Lines in Slope-Intercept form13:21
21Equations of Lines and Graphing13:35
22Slope and Equations of Lines14:51
23Equations of parallel & perpendicular lines15:00
24Congruent Polygons & Third Angle Theorem26:24
25Congruent Triangles SSS SAS24:48
26Congruent Triangles ASA AAS15:58
27Non Congruence Theorems AAA SSA8:59
28Corresponding Parts of Congruent Triangles are Congruent10:36
29Isosceles & Equilateral Triangle Properties27:52
30Equilateral Equiangular Triangles19:55
31Congruent Right Triangles HL Hypotenuse Leg Theorem26:05
32Triangle Midsegment Theorem18:21
33Proving Midsegment Theorem15:38
34Perpendicular Bisector Theorem21:34
35Angle Bisector Theorem18:25
36Triangle Perpendicular Bisectors & Circumcenter23:19
37Triangle Angle Bisectors & Incenter8:37
38Medians of Triangles & Centroid17:35
39Altitudes of Triangles and Orthocenter21:36
40Triangle Inequality Theorem19:53
41Hinge Theorem Inequalities 2 Triangles12:07
42Polynomial Angle Sum Theorems22:00
43Properties of Parallelograms19:23
44Proving Quadrilaterals are Parallelograms18:51
45Rhombuses, Rectangles, and Squares25:59partial summary
46More Examples Rhombus & Rectangle24:20
47Properties of Trapezoids & Mid Segment Theorem18:06
48Properties of Kites19:21
49Polygons in Coordinate Plane26:18
50Ratios & Proportions28:37
51Similar Polygons24:29
52Proving Triangles are Similar AA SAS SSS21:39
53Similarity in Right Triangles31:22
54Side Splitter Theorem Proportions in Triangles16:05
55Proportions in Triangles Angle Bisector15:53
56Pythagorean Theorem17:43
57Converse Pythagorean Theorem & Triples19:23
58Special Right Triangles 45-45-90 30-60-9026:07
59Right Triangle Trigonometry Part 113:48
60Right Triangle Trigonometry Part 24:23
61Angle of Elevation & Depression Right Triangle Trig27:21
62Area Parallelograms and Triangles29:19
63Area Trapezoid Rhombus Kite27:28
64Area of Regular Polygon Introduction with Hexagon Examples29:29interesting
65Area Regular Polygons with Trigonometry22:14
66Perimeter and Area of Similar Figures22:53
67Circle Intro and Arc Length29:47
68Sector and Segment Area in Circles27:25
69Segment Area in Circles Quicker Methods14:45
70Geometric Probabilities Length18:55
71Geometric Probabilities Area20:30
72Geometric Probabilities Area20:30This is an accidental duplicate lecture, exact same as video 71
73Surface Area of a Right Prism21:34
74Surface Area Of a Cylinder21:30
75Surface Area of a Regular Pyramid Non-Trig Examples25:24
76Surface Area of a Pyramid with Trigonometry19:41
77Surface Area of a Cone18:30
78Volume of a Prism & Volume of a Cylinder28:11
79Volume of a Pyramid 3 Examples18:18
80Volume of a Cone 3 Examples19:01
81Surface Area of a Sphere & Volume of a Sphere24:59
82Tangent Lines to Circles27:45
83Chords Arcs and Diameters in Circle32:01
84Inscribed Angles in Circles & Tangent Lines25:54
85Angles in Circles Chords Secants Tangents & Arcs27:35very interesting
86Segment Lengths in Circles with Chords, Secants, & Tangents18:02
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