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History Channel's Leonardo Da Vinci

This documentary chronicles the life and times of Leonardo Da Vinci, his education & lack thereof, his lower class struggle for a name in his own right. At 16 he begins studying art from a master in Verrocchio's workshop in Florence Italy. Leonardo studied nature around him and was a vegetarian. Leonardo.

He was attacked anonymously, accused of sodomy, with no witness and no evidence, for which the penalty could be death, and a terrible death of burning. Leonardo wrote that, "Nothing is to be feared so much as a damaged reputation."

Leonardo often had trouble completing works of art. The closer he was to an end, the greater the storm in his mind prevented him from placing the final strokes. In 1842, Leonardo goes to Milan, the City State of Italy most vulnerable to foreign invaders and heavily militarized. His great bronze horse delayed, leading to, "The Last Supper," being painted over 3 years, portraying when Jesus tells his disciples that, 'one of you will betray me.' He had mastered anatomy, gestures & postures showing human response, perspective, geometry, and utilizing science to perfect his painting.

He eventually travels to Venice, and then back home to Florence to find a young Michael Angelo taking the attention of the city away from him. He takes up patronage of Cesare Borgia, and goes back to military designs. Leonardo carried, "The Mona Lisa," around with him until his death, continuing working on it until his end.

Leonardo in his later years turns his focus to the human body. He makes the first description of arteriole sclerosis. In his late years, he is invited to France, to effectively retire. At 65 he suffers a stroke ending his ability to paint fine details.

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