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Joy of Statistics,
By Hans Rosling

What to do with the modern deluge of data? This documentary lecture is described as a roller coaster ride through statistics, on the power of statistics and the importance of collecting the data that allows one to know what is going on in the world around us. What is the power of the average? What is the significance of variation in data? What does the distribution of data tell us? What is the Normal Distribution? Poisson distribution, describes how likely unlikely things will happen. Significance in the shapes of data. Florence Nightingale counted mortality data, the power of her polar area graphs and the power of visualizing data, saving many lives. How does Google translate languages? Machine translation of language = statistical language translation (at about 41 min). What about statistical speech translation? AKA Star Trek's "universal translator!!!!" Digital Astronomy's Sloan Sky survey in New Mexico. Testing theories and hypotheses, applied to the mountains of data, automated multivariate statistical analysis may even guide researchers, in an automated way, away from the boring, making clear the correlations, and directing attention to the anomalies!!!!!! The search for anomalies takes time, before we can begin to understand the anomalies and start formulating possible explanations and hypotheses to test. This could potentially rapidly increase the rate and volume of general knowledge about the universe, the world we live in, one another, and ourselves.

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