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Khan´s Pre Algebra

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Introduction and Table of Contents

This video series is entitled, "Khan´s Pre Algebra," which provides math help review tutor, examples, problems and solutions, video solution manual. The series presents 39 individual tutorials and span the subject of Pre Algebra. These videos have a total playtime duration of 5 hrs 29 min 27 sec.

This video series on PreAlgebra is from Khan's Academy and provides a brief video lecture review of essential aspects of basic math one should fully understand before advancing to Algebra I (also known as College Algebra). You can skip the parts you find to be too easy if you want. However, I would suggest at least listening to all of it while you do other homework. That way the occasional important bit may grab your attention. And you can easily glide past the parts too basic, without missing anything. All together this runs about 5 hr 29 min 27 sec long.

Even better, I suggest working all the problems mentioned before the speaker solves them. If all the problems are easy, then it should be quick. If you can do so correctly, you will know, with certainty, you are ready to advance. And at any rate (no pun intended), the more problems you actually work, the better you get, the faster you get, and the smarter you will be. Remember my advice.

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Pre Algebra: Khan´s Pre Algebra

TTutorial titles for Khan´s Pre AlgebraTimeNote
1Introduction to Negative Numbers9:35
2Adding & Subtracting Negative Numbers9:15
3Multiplying & Dividing Negative Numbers8:29
4Adding & Subtracting Fractions9:49
5Multiplying Fractions8:26
6Dividing Fractions8:58
7Introduction to Order of Operations9:39
8Complicated Example of Order of Operations5:19
9Exponents I9:46
10Exponents II6:25
11Exponents III9:12
12Negative Exponents4:37
13Exponent Rules I9:42
14Exponent Rules II7:43
15Simplifying Radicals9:44very helpful
16Introduction to Logarithms9:48helpful
17Unit Conversion9:16helpful
18Speed Translation9:56
19Introduction to Logarithm Properties I9:15
20Introduction to Logarithm Properties II10:04
21Scientific Notation20:47
22Examples of Scientific Notation12:48
23Introduction to Ratios14:12helpful
24Example of Unit Conversion10:43
25Examples of Common Divisibility7:54helpful
26Binary Numbers10:33
27Binary, Decimal & Hexadecimal Number Systems11:32
28Number Base Conversion Practice7:52very helpful
29Significant Figures5:02helpful
30Significant Figures (continued)5:40
31Multiplication & Division with Significant Figures9:30
32Adding & Subtracting with Significant Figures8:58
33Pure Numbers & Significant Digits2:59
34Order of Negative Numbers2:46
35Comparing Absolute Values4:06
36Ordering Fractions7:48
37Multiplicative Inverse Property3:16
38Additive Inverse Property2:59
39Interpreting Linear Graphs5:04
 Total Time of these Tutorials = 5:29:27  

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