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Leonardo Da Vinci: The Man who wanted to know everything!

Leonardo da Vinci translates as "Leonardo from the city of Vinci," named so due his illegitimate birth. His father hoped he would become an artist, and Leonardo didn't disappoint. Leonardo is also known as the, "first modern mind in history," owing to his belief that knowledge should be derived from observation, not dogma. He studied all arts of the Renaissance in Florence. Leonardo obtains patronage of a powerful tyrant, Ludivico Sforza, Duke of Milan. Some of Leonardo's famous masterpieces include the, "Madonna of the Rock," "The Last Supper," and the most famous painting, "The Mona Lisa." He works out why the sky is blue. He is the first to properly dissect a human body. He's also a practical engineer, including machines to allow men to descend into the oceans and fly up into the sky, and even working on weapons of war, which he despised.

This documentary builds and tests Leonardo's design for an armored vehicle and his design for a parachute! Will either actually work as designed?

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