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& Copyrights

Our policies are simple.

All intellectual property rights belong to the legitimate holders and authors accordingly. All videos and content on this site are:

a) presented under the belief and assumption that "Fair Use" applies,
b) that these presentations are perfectly legal,
c) and that these presentations do not violate anyone’s rights.

Presentation on this site implies nothing. We assume the Standard Youtube License, or a similar agreement, applies to all video or other material. If intellectual property is being distributed unlawfully through Youtube, then contact Youtube directly for removal. Such corrections made through youtube will automatically be applied to all web sites on Earth displaying such a particular Youtube video accordingly. Please don’t waste time trying to advise a million different web sites of intellectual property violations for a single video through Youtube. Rather simply contact directly for redress and allow for the corrections to be made world wide automatically. For the uninitiated, when a video is removed from youtube under such circumstances, when you visit a web site that was displaying such a video, you will see nothing but a black box, which may say, "This video has been removed."

Currently this site does not "host" any video. Rather all videos on this site are embedded videos hosted by other web sites like Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Vine,, Veoh, Zipcast,, Google Video, Metacafe, 5min, Blinkx, Vevo, Vube, Instagram video, Snapchat, Twitter video, and others.

Like Youtube and it’s Standard Youtube License, we operate under the belief that a similar agreement and practices apply to those web sites which actually host video. We assume that these hosting sites host videos legally and share them via embedding. Those who post

Please report removed or broken videos here.

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