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Mathematics is political speech!

People can not consent to what they don’t understand. That is to say, a commitment made in ignorance, with incomplete, insufficient or otherwise withheld information, is no commitment at all. Democracy and self government only work with a well educated and well motivated society. And I think we can all look around us, on television (TV), movies, government actions, obvious abuses of power, and the repeated empirical observations that there is no moral authority in government or the justice system, which appears to have committed every last act ever defined to be a crime at one time or another, unapologetically. In order to make the world a better place, we encourage the study of mathematics as a move towards smarter people and greater quality of life.

A good hobby, keeps you out of trouble and allows time for one to become smart enough to learn how to avoid trouble. A great hobby, actually makes you smarter. This is not the same thing as simply avoiding trouble while burning your time, which leaves one as ignorant and defenseless as when one began. Not unlike playing video games. Saying you’ve spent, "a thousand hours playing a video game and making it to level 27," is about as impressive as saying, "I’ve spent a thousand hours fantasizing about becoming a millionaire," yet never having done anything in the real world to work in that direction. Studying math and straining the brain, actually causes the human brain to grow, adapt, and become smarter, more capable of careful, methodical, critical thinking and analysis, and ultimately becoming a more powerful thinking machine.

We believe that ignorance has reached a dangerously critical level, creating an emergency situation, where we all must strive to educate ourselves and one another. Politics is about the pursuit of one’s own interests constrained by the collective consequences of human nature, or perhaps the balance of rights between individuals and groups. Not one, nor many, may make headway in such a mass dangerous state of confusion continually under bombardment by weapons of mass distraction. Any intellectual development or critical thinking skills that helps one to see through the weapons of mass distraction are a good thing. And we believe that math, not only helps, but is absolutely critical! There are many things which can only be recognized and understood through mathematics. Those without such knowledge are left truly blind, depending upon others to tell them what is true and what is false, everywhere math applies. And math applies almost everywhere.

Study math and open your eyes,

Please enjoy.