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What follows in this list are organized lecture sets, tutorial collections, and video series covering Pre Algebra, each presented by various professors from various schools & universities. These lecture sets collectively cover largely the same material, reorganized slightly perhaps, but most importantly presented by different professors, each with his or her own style and wits. This is part of the same math sequence, math majors are expected to have taken before, or to have completed by the end of their first year (as remedial at university).

After basic math skills, addition, subtraction, multiplication & division, number lines and fractions, Pre Algebra is the starting point of all the math that follows. Algebra 1, 2, 3, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, probability, linear algebra, calculus, differential equations, partial differential equations, vector calculus, complex variables, multivariate statistical analysis, linear programing and more. Math as a whole, as a study of logic, is the gateway to knowledge, higher education and greater critical thinking. Math is the best indicator of whether a student will succeed in higher education. Pre Algebra is the place to start. The early students start here, the more math he or she can master before high school graduation, and the more he or she will ultimately achieve.

If you are studying pre algebra,
these video tutorials sets will serve as an excellent companion to class, lectures, homework, and general understanding of the material. As you watch, pause each video, and see if you can solve each problem, and get immediate feedback as you watch each presenter work and explain the sample problems.

If you have long since covered pre algebra,
these pre algebra tutorial lecture sets review material long forgotten about. If after watching this video clip series, you don’t fully understand all the material covered, stop, and review until you do. There would be little point in advancing from this basic material without a complete understanding. This subject includes proficiencies expected on the first day of class when starting algebra 1.

If you have the time,
no matter how smart you might be, I highly recommend it. Some of it may be pre-school for you, but some parts may not. Remember, you can always fast forward. Even I found it useful, as it has been some time since I studied mathematics in a formal manor. Take full advantage of all resources available, in so far, as it does not detract from staying on target with your classes at school. And if you are pursuing your academic hobby, take your sweet time and savor all, as you enjoy the subject and resources available!

~ MW

Tutor video collection
# of
Pre-Algebra Chapter test practice problems, from Prealgebra, by Elayn Martin-Gay, 6E, 2010.
305 Video Examples
305 worked examples, step-by-step, fully explained by video tutor, about 9.5 hours of tutoring

Pre-Algebra Review, from Khan
approximately 5 hours total duration over 39 clips

39 Video Clips
more than 100 example problems worked out, over approximately 5 hours, from Khan Academy.
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