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Archimedes' Infinite Secrets: The Method

Archimedes biography, infinite secrets, and The Method

Archimedes' infinite secrets, & The Method. The Mathematicion, engineer & physcist, who discovered calculus 2000 years before Isaac Newton or Leibniz

Who discovered Calculus? How was Calculus discovered? Archimedes, one of the most important mathematicians, Greek or otherwise, and the first now known to create concepts of Calculus 2000 years before Isaac Newton or Leibniz documented in his book, "The Method," perhaps the greatest book ever lost, until now. The pages of his book were recycled to create a prayer book or palimpsest. This documentary tells the story of the palimpsest's discovery as experts try to decipher and extract the infinite secrets of the text. One of favorite Archimedes quotes include, "Give me a place to stand, and I will move the Earth."
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