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Math History video lecture series

A lecture series on math history thru the flow of ideas of ancient Greeks, Arabs, Chinese and Hindu contributions on the development of modern mathematics

Introduction and Table of Contents

This video series is entitled, "Math History video lecture series," presented by Prof N.J.Wildberger, which provides a lecture series on math history thru the flow of ideas of ancient Greeks, Arabs, Chinese and Hindu contributions on the development of modern mathematics. The series presents 25 individual lectures and span the subject of Math History. These videos have a total playtime duration of 19 hrs 58 min 52 sec. These videos were based in part on the book entitled, "Mathematics and it's History," written by John Stillwell. (Springer, 3E).

Professor N. J. Wildberger's lecture series on the History of Mathematics, follows about half the textbook, "Mathematics and it's History," by John Stillwell (Springer, 3E). Lessons are designed to follow the, "flow of ideas," with historical notes, and a few proofs along the way.

He starts with ancient Greeks, Arab, Chinese and Hindu developments, polynomial equations and algebra, analytic and projective geometry, calculus and infinite series, number theory, mechanics and curves, complex numbers and algebra, differential geometry, topology, hypercomplex numbers, and complex numbers and curves. He presents the content for a broad audience, not exclusively to mathematics majors. There are now 19 lectures in the set, spanning 25 videos.

What makes this course different from and quite useful in comparison to other Math History lectures, is that the lecturer and textbook address the 'maths of history' that all the talk is about and not just the 'history of maths'. Where many other History of Math classes, informative and important, yet primarily a study of history, this video course focuses on the "maths that made history" and explaining what those maths are. "I highly recommended this lecture series and am a big fan," ~MW.

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Math History: Math History video lecture series

LLecture titles for Math History video lecture seriesTimeNote
1Pythagoras' Theorem48:55
2Pythagoras' Theorem (continued)23:26
3Greek Geometry50:41
4Greek Geometry (continued)24:40
5Greek Number Theory42:04
6Greek Number Theory (continued)24:41
7Infinity in Greek Mathematics54:08
8Number Theory and Algebra in Asia49:46
9Number Theory and Algebra in Asia (continued)22:53
10Polynomial Equations52:41
11Polynomial Equations (continued)14:06
12Analytical Geometry and the Continuum56:35
13Analytical Geometry and the Continuum (continued)24:34
14Projective Geometry1:09:41
16Infinite Series1:11:01
17Mechanics and the Solar System51:03
18Non-Euclidean Geometry50:52
19Number Theory revived57:12
20Mechanics and Curves57:51
21Complex Numbers and Algebra1:07:16
22Differential Geometry51:32
24Hypercomplex numbers59:31
25Complex numbers and curves57:55
 Total Time of these Lectures = 19:58:52  

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