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The purpose of this web site is to enhance and further the goal of improved quality of life on Earth. As such, this site will not be used or abused for various unsavory purposes: no sex, no drugs, no violence, no hate, no abuse, no sadism, no apathy, no disregard for human dignity, no disregard for human life, and no mightmakesright.

The content presented in this site is intended for academic educational purposes only. The primary purpose is to assist in and encourage the study of math, whether part of an academic program or for personal hobby.

Content less focused on math tutoring, math lectures, or math help, are generally presented to encourage the development and exorcise of critical thinking skills.

Specifically the purpose is to evaluate the contents of these videos and asking which particular statements, facts and examples are:

a) what is definitely true,
b) what is plausible and might possibly be substantiated,
c) what is merely plausible but unlikely to be specifically substantiated in any way,
d) what is likely pure speculation,
e) and what is definitely false.

Furthermore, it is important to ask the question, "what are the possible motivations of the person or persons,":

a) making such false representations, statements & claims, presenting so called evidence,
b) speculating in only one direction (biased speculation, towards a particular conclusion),
c) making assumptions in only one direction (biased toward a particular conclusion).

Moreover, it is important to ask the question, "are these behaviors truly unconsciously random, or consciously, knowingly and intentionally, systematic attempts at misdirection and manipulation.

And are any such attempts maliciously directed at harming anyone to any extent no matter how small. Notice "anyone" includes people or places being talked about, discussed or represented by others. Again notice, the distinction between reckless speculation and careful observation.


"Is it science? Is it reckless? Is it malicious?"


If anyone who would enjoy and take advantage of what this site has to offer should discover any violation of these policies, purposes, or goals, that visitor or user of this site are obligated to report any such violation of these principles with enough specificity and description to allow intervention and correction.

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